Adopt Furries, in a new way!

If your living place or situation is not suitable to adopt lovely furries, you can show your love by e-adopting lovely furries here too! 


I’m Milky! I lost one of my front leg because of animal trap in the jungle. I became fierce & shivering when human getting near to me as I was afraid to get hurt again. However after quite some time I felt the love from volunteers & my rescuers, I started to trust human again! You may E-Adopt me if you like me:)


I’m Abby! I love showering & exercising! E-Adopt me if you like me:)


Age: 5
My name is ReRe! I have been staying at SAW animal shelter since 2016. I’m very happy staying here with friends & volunteers who love me as family member! E-Adopt me if you like me^^