Adopt Furries, in a new way!

If your living place or situation is not suitable to adopt lovely furries, you can show your love by e-adopting lovely furries here too! 


Hi I’m Mercy! I love to play with humans! I lost one of my eyes since I was young but i was rescued by one of the rescuer. Thanks for giving me a home and taking care of me. E-adopt me if you like me!


My name is GeGe. It makes me happy to see you, but I’m shy. If you are willing to approach me slowly, I will also be happy to play with you. You may e-adopt me if you like me:)


My name is July. I lived in SAW for several years. The volunteers in SAW did not abandon me because of my skin problem, instead, they care of me very much. I am timid because of my low self-esteem. E-adopt me if you like me.


My name is Pity. I have nails implanted on my hind limbs because of a car accident, and I could not run as well as before. But even so, I still love the grassland very much because my hobby is running. E-adopt me if you like me.


Hi! Nice to meet you! I love to smile which is why everyone calls me Smile! Look at my eyes when touch me, it makes me happy! E-adopt me if you like my smile💕


My name is Gemuk. My body size is big due to hormone imbalance problem. Even so, the volunteers and friends did not give up loving me. I have a very happy time here in SAW! E-adopt me if you like me😉


I’m Strong! Just listen to my name and you know that I am strong! I love sports and running under the sun! E-adopt me if you like me;D


My name is Tom, and I am a tiny kid. I like it when people touch my head, and I am very happy if they talk to me. You may e-adopt me if you like me.


I’m Comel. My favorite thing to do is to walk up and down with the volunteers in SAW. e-adopt me if you like me 🙂


My name is VV! I love running and playing with my friends in the shelter! I used to be afraid of all the volunteers in SAW and everyone who have visited me because of my unpleasant experience of being abused. Now, im glad to say i am slowly overcoming this obstacles because i have been showered with a lot of loves from all the volunteers and visitors. ! You may e-adopt me if you like me 😀


My name is Latte, and I am a gentle child. My favourite time is always my playtime in the evening. E-adopt me if you like me:D


I’m Abby! I love showering & exercising! E-Adopt me if you like me:)


Age: 5
My name is ReRe! I have been staying at SAW animal shelter since 2016. I’m very happy staying here with friends & volunteers who love me as family member! E-Adopt me if you like me^^

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