Strive for Animals Welfare - SAW

With RM5, you may help to feed our furries

Strive for Animals Welfare - SAW

With RM5, you may help to feed our furries
SAW is a non-kill animal shelter located at Selangor formed by a group of young genuine animal lovers, we have rescued a lot of lives through years🐾
SAW established on January 2014, full name 【Strive for Animals Welfare Association】, we exist to fight for animal welfare💯

What we do:

Rescue injured/sick stray animal & provide necessary medical treatment

Feeding more than 200 strays at fixed location everyday

Spay/neuter stray animal to reduce population of strays

Organize various education campaigns to create awareness about loving animal

We do not have a closed store room, and so we could not stop the rats problem.

Our shelter area is 48000sqft but we only used a very small part of it, because we do not have enough funds to fully utilize the land🏗

SAW is now taking care of more than 300+ stray animals.

Our location is too deep inside & do not have water supply, we can only use water from the mountain & our water will stopped every few days🌊

Currently we are raising funds for shelter construction.

So that our shelter can be more complete & suitable for furries to stay, and so we can help more animals in need🐶

This place was a forest, we build it step by step with a lot efforts, to make it a home for furries so they don’t have to be homeless & starving anymore🏠

News about us:

If you wish to help to feed our furries/building a better home for furries,


You may donate to SAW official bank account-:

Maybank – 514383563186
Strive for Animals Welfare Association

You may also follow us on Facebook & Instagram for more information:

Facebook: sawrescue

Instagram: strive_for_animals_welfare

Interested in taking one of our pets home?